The Story of how greenclicks was born

The Story of how greenclicks was born

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The company story began about one year ago when Hendrik and Pablo decided to quit their jobs, they worked around 12 years together, building up a leading tour-operator specialized in sustainable travel to South America. Even though their colleagues were like their family, they both, independently decided that it was time to move away from the comfort zone.

Months later while on his sabbatical time Hendrik visited Pablo in La Paz, Bolivia; they chit-chatted about many anecdotes and plans for the future, at some point started playing around with the idea: if I were to start my dream company, how it would be? The wish list included some philosophical conditions such as: do good, be location independent, be personal, be successful, help others, provide fair payments; and immediately they asked themselves why not do it?.

The magic moment happened when Hendrik asked: Is there any other sector besides tourism that you like? Pablo answered, I got really motivated about how to compensate CO2 emissions; when I made the decision of fully compensate all the travels for our clients, I knew almost nothing about the topic, I felt a complete outsider, I didn’t understand the difference among certifications, how to decide which project was the best for our company, how to negotiate the cost per CO2 tonne compensated, how to calculate our emissions, how to communicate our efforts to the clients, etc. So I traveled to learn about the projects on the field, I talked to experts I read a lot about it, and somehow I realized that the process could be much easier for the companies, and therefore more entrepreneurs could be keen to compensate. Hendrik identified immediately with the idea, as an experienced Chief of Products and Sales Management, he always had a special touch for making processes simple according to the client’s needs.

Both of them agreed that doing something to help reducing the extra CO2 burden on the planet would be something worth engaging in and at the same time it would perfectly fulfill all their company value expectations. To validate their ideas they asked some entrepreneurs in their network why they don’t compensate for CO2 emissions; the answers in common were: It’s costly, complex and clients won’t pay more for CO2 compensated products. “Voilà” the greenclicks’ mission arose: “To make CO2-Compensation as easy and risk-free as possible for any company”. The company is running, the challenge is alive!