The greenclicks business flow

The greenclicks business flow

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If we want to define greenclicks’ activity in just one sentence it would be: “Smart CO2 compensation for online companies”. greenclicks is a solution for online companies looking for a simple way to contribute to restoring the global CO2 balance. With greenclicks also website visitors of participating companies’ get the feeling of actively supporting the CO2 compensation process. The greenclicks business flow is summarized in the following steps:

Compensation button and pay per click definition:
Every company decides which button on its page triggers a compensation payment towards greenclicks. The company also decides how much to pay per click. The button and the amount varies per company and naturally depends on its business characteristics. Typical examples of trigger buttons are: “buy”, “reserve” or “subscribe”. The advantage: A company only compensates if it has clients, meaning a company never pays if it does not make business. The risk is low.

Website integration and badge:
The greenclicks integration on the website is simple, companies don’t need to invest a lot into IT team resources for the implementation. Thanks to our software we can track clicks on the trigger button. Important: We can only track clicks if the companies give us permission and access. Beyond implementing an “invisible tracker”, every company is grated to display our badge. The badge is like an interactive little sticker. It is the key component in the communication about the environmental efforts towards the webpage visitors. With the greenclicks badge, visitors to companies’ webpages get a first positive impression. Since the badge is displayed the same day a company joins greenclicks, the positive effect is immediate. Our badge displays how much CO2 all companies have compensated in real-time, it displays the goal – “we want to compensate 1 million CO2 tons” – and, finally, provides a link to the greenclicks webpage. The greenclicks webpage explains in simple words what is greenclicks, which companies participate and to which projects the payments are sent. The advantage: By doing so, greenclicks creates transparency for the companies. The participating companies neither need to create nor update information about their environmental efforts on their own webpages; This does not only save IT costs and time, but also work from other departments like marketing.

Reporting and invoicing:
On a monthly basis, every company gets a report about how many clicks greenclicks tracked, and, separately, an invoice with the corresponding due payments. Additionally, we report to which projects we transferred the payments.

Transferring the money to the CO2 projects:
Once a month greenclicks transfers money to the projects devoted to remove or avoid CO2 from the atmosphere. The money is distributed among a basket of projects of different activity, price and impact.

Issuing certificates of compensation:
Once a year the projects issue directly CO2 compensation certificates for each company – if needed, a company may request its CO2 compensation certificates with other periodicity. Compensation certificates are the official proof that the project did what it promised for compensating CO2 emissions. Compensation certificates have a unique identification code and are archived in the official registries of the independent certifying entities like Gold Standard, Verra, Climate Action Reserve, etc. The registries are open to public access.

The common compensation goal:
The starting goal is to compensate 1 million tons of CO2, once the goal is reached, greenclicks and its community of participating companies set a new challenging goal – for example 3 million tons of CO2, afterwards 7 million, etc. The advantage: Also with small donations a company can reach big goals – and market them at the same time.

The process is simple, thanks to teamwork between companies, projects and greenclicks, it is possible to reach ambitious goals. Do you want to join our cause or just want more information? Please write us here. We are looking forward to hearing from you!